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Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd.

Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd.

   Since 1976, SPC DEES Hydraulic is well regarded in the metal forming via hydraulic press machinery manufacturing industry. Our main products include deep drawing press, die spotting, press brake and related hydraulic press machine.  As we have devoted significant resources and accumulated experiences to in crease manufacturing flexibility, construct global distribution networks, assure quality standards, and continue to reduce manufacturing cost as well as turn-around time to ensure that Dees has the qualifications to acquire high performance manufacturing equipment contracts as well as full plant automation design to coordinate each function.

There is no doubt that product research and development contributes significantly to the continuous success of DEES Hydraulics. Development for products like deep drawing press or c frame hydraulic press have encompasses a wide spectrum of activities from new product research, new component coordination, performance enhancement, and cost reduction through manufacturing process redesign. The value of our customer suggestion is essential to the further success of product development, and as a result, customer participation is evident through our finished product.


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